Real Estate, Creditor Rights for Business

George has performed hundreds of residential and commercial real estate transactions in the State of Kentucky. He advises banks, individuals and businesses in the process of financing, selling or purchasing real estate. This includes reviewing and preparing purchase agreements, title searches, title opinions, and all other necessary tasks to reduce the potential risks inherent in real estate sales throughout Kentucky. His clients rely on his ability to effectively negotiate within the nuances of any real estate transaction and to “close the deal.”

George Fletcher Law can assist you with real estate foreclosures and collection lawsuits to collect money from debtors on:

· Unpaid loans on promissory notes

· Personal Guarantys

· Letters of credit and other extensions of credit

· Debts for goods sold or delivered

· Liens of all varieties

· Unpaid rent and charges for apartments, condominiums

While bankruptcy laws are compassionate towards individuals who’ve fallen on hard times, they can be harsh on creditors who are forced to absorb a loss that helps finance the debtor’s fresh start. George Fletcher Law helps creditors assert their rights toward debtors in bankruptcy. We can advise you on steps to improve your chances of being repaid. We are available to assist you in cases related to:

· Chapter 7 bankruptcy

· Chapter 11 bankruptcy

· Chapter 13 bankruptcy

​George Fletcher Law Office holds a standard of excellence at turning non-performing loans into earning assets through swift interpretation of loan documents, mortgage foreclosures, loan workouts and other debt collection actions.

Secured transactions are sale or loan transactions in which the debtor gives the creditor a claim to the debtor’s property in order to ensure payment of the debt. A secured creditor takes priority over an unsecured creditor if there are competing claims to the property or to the proceeds from the sale of the property. Most consumer transactions are unsecured, but home and motor-vehicle financing usually is secured by the property being purchased. If a car loan is secured and the debtor fails to make the payments, the lender can take back the car in order to cover at least part of the remaining debt. At George Fletcher Law Offices, we can ensure your transactions are secure.

At George Fletcher Law Office, we can help perform collections services on behalf of commercial banks, servicers, receivers, and investors. George is experienced in handling collections for numerous property types including residential, multi-family, retail, commercial, and industrial.

With experience as a Bank CEO and Director, George provides seasoned advice on credit, collections, foreclosures, loan workouts, forbearance, secured transactions, and interpreting laws and regulations.

​Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Living Wills, Health Care Surrogate, adds value to your banking relationships. George Fletcher Law takes great pride in counseling and preparing families for life’s uncertainties, with a goal of providing peace of mind.

If you’re weighed down by foreclosure, a loan workout may be just what the debt doctor ordered to help put your loan back on track and avoid protracted litigation. A loan workout is plan of how to restructure debt in the face of foreclosure. It is also called loan modification or mortgage modification. In loan workouts, the home owner sits down with the lender to discuss modification of terms to the loan in order to make monthly payment minimums and sidestep foreclosure. George works hard to allow the parties to mutually agree on modified loan terms for the loan workout to be successful.