Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning

​Every family’s situation is different, so there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all estate plan. Likewise, it is difficult to make a planning checklist that is anything close to comprehensive. George Fletcher Law will assist you with ideas that should be part of planning:

· Have a valid will in place - transfers your property at death to family or friends of your choosing; Appoints Guardians for your children; Appoints a trusted person to carry out your wishes; Can affect death and inheritance taxes, etc.

· Discuss healthcare directives to allow family to assist with health care decisions

· Arrange a financial power of attorney

· Prepare a memo for your family with info in case of disability or death

George Fletcher Law stresses the importance of having a properly drafted will or trust in place, so there is no ambiguity about how your assets will be divided upon your death. If you fail to draft a will or trust, the state of Kentucky determines what happens to your property, and your loved ones may not receive what you wanted to give them.

George Fletcher Law focuses on the following types of Trusts:

· Living/Revocable Trusts

· Second Marriages

· Minor and Adult Children

· Same-Sex Marriages

· Special Needs for disabled family members

· Trusts for children with substance abuse issues

· Irrevocable Trusts

· Life Insurance Trusts

Probate is the formal process that collects, organized, and distributes the assets of a deceased person. George provides experienced, compassionate after-death legal care to surviving families. George grew up and worked in a family-owned funeral home, and understands how the grief process can affect decision making. George cares deeply, and provides patient, professional guidance to help ease the burden of significant financial and property decisions. Let us help you and your family navigate this process.

The probate process involves:

· Determining the validity of a will

· Document the property of the decedent

· Ensuring debts and taxes are paid

· Distributing assets under the will, or state laws if there is no will.

Did you know anyone with the appropriate mental capacity can grant the power of attorney to another? The person granting the power of attorney is the “principal” or “grantor,” and the person who attains the responsibility is known as the “agent” or “attorney-in-fact.”

A “principal” will grant the power of attorney to an “agent” or “attorney-in-fact.” The agent becomes the holder of the power of attorney and will make various decisions for and act on behalf of the principal in transactions involving banking, property, or law. The agent does not have to be an attorney, He/She may be a trusted friend or even a family member. George Fletcher Law Office can help you and your family establish a Power of Attorney.

It is important to know that a Living Will and a Last Will and Testament are two very different documents. Living Wills are only valid while a person is alive (hence the name), and only deal with how someone wants their medical decisions handled in case death is imminent or a terminal illness, and you are unconscious or unable to make decisions for yourself. A Last Will and Testament dictates who receives your property after your death, who will be the guardian of your children, who will manage your estate upon your death and so forth. George Fletcher Law provides the most up to date, comprehensive review of your needs. Schedule some time to visit with George Fletcher or Lindsey MacGregor in Lexington, KY - call 859.455.8118.

A healthcare proxy is a legal document in which one appoints a “healthcare agent” to make medical decisions should that person be unable to do so because of either injury or illness. Usually, a healthcare proxy gives an appointed family member or someone outside the family additional authority to make decisions about the person’s health care.

Elder law addresses issues specific to individuals generally over the age of 65. George Fletcher has knowledge and resources to help navigate issues of assisted living, nursing home care, social security benefits, retirement plans, drafting wills and trusts, health care decisions, and end of life decisions. George Fletcher Law can help keep your family members protected.